Red Dandelion (Organic)


Your grandma probably told you to eat this, and she was right! It quite literally translates into “Lion’s Tooth” in French which makes sense considering how it’s high in Vitamin A, K (stronger bones & immune system) and C, Calcium, Lutein & Zeaanthin (for healthier eyesight)

How do I cook it?

Dandelion has a nice peppery taste that might be a bit shocking when you try it for the first time! It’s commonly used to make your salads more nutritious but if you’re not used it in salads try blanching it first in water then adding it to your salad/ sandwhich. Rita recommends a small stir-fry with some minced garlic/ onion and finish it off with lemon/salt or soy sauce.

Organically Grown at Rita's Farm

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