Kale - Collard Bunch (Organic)


Organic Collard Kale

Whats’s even healthier than Kale? Collard Kale! Yes.. its true! It’s one of the world’s healthiest greens as it’s a natural detoxifier for your body.  High in Vitamin A, K, C & E.  Since it’s chock-full of nutrients and iron it’s an essential vegetable to maintain a healthy weight & lifestyle.

How do I cook it?

Think of Collard like a spinach, you can add them to broths, stir-fry or even spaghettis.In a stir-fry use garlic/ onion and cook for about 4-6 minutes, add salt or stock at the end for a nice flavour. Quick tip: Be careful of the stalks, sometimes you’ll need to chop them up to properly cook them.

Grown Organically on Rita's Farm

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